What are the 6 types of voices? – How Can I Improve My Singing Voice

Voice Type 1: The Voice

The voice is the first thing you hear when you see the person you’re speaking to. It’s usually one person but you hear it in several different tones. For example, if you’ve just met a person, you may say, “Oh!” or “Oh, wow!” or “Wow, that’s…wow.” If the person you’re communicating with is in a conversation with you, however, you’re likely to say, “Huh?” while doing it.

Voice Type 2: The Bitter Voice

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Unlike the Voice Type 1, the bitter voice is an attack; it is an insult. While you are using the voice, you sound sad or angry. You may want to avoid this, as it is one of the worst type of voice we hear.

Voice Type 3: The Sorrowful Voice

This is the voice of sorrow. You may feel depressed when the voice says things like, “Wow! That’s…wow!” or, “What a…wow!”

Voice Type 4: The Angry Voice

This is the voice of frustration. You may feel angry when the voice says things like, “Damn it!” or, “You couldn’t do anything right!”

Voice Type 5: The Depressed Voice

This is the voice of sadness. When the voice says things like, “I…” or, “I’m…I’m…sorry,” you might feel extremely stressed or discouraged.

Voice Type 6: The Happy Voice

The happy voice is the voice of contentment. It indicates that you have something, and it can feel good. When you talk about your future wishes, for example, you would say, “I’d like…this!”

What do we do if we hear these “Voice Type 4” and “Voice Type 5” voices in conversations with other people?

The first thing to do is to pay full attention to what the other person is just saying. If you can see it coming, turn to the other person and say, “Wow! Wow!” or “You’re…wow!”

If you hear a person say, “Oh, wow!” several times in a row and you don’t feel like listening, you might want to get a partner or a friend to help you listen. You can find other people who are also sensitive to the feelings of others by sending a note to them that reads, “Hey that’s so much better!”

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