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What about if you sing too low? We don’t think it affects the power you play. We don’t think there’s any difference at all.”

The two musicians didn’t talk about it for a while, and they eventually talked about it just a little bit more.

“I remember when I was at school, one time we played a school concert,” Iman notes, adding that it “was super scary. People were jumping around, getting hurt. It was a blast, but the songs had a lot of energy. They just didn’t have a lot of energy.”

“We did some soul songs like ‘Darling Nikki’ or ‘That Old Black Magic,’ and I thought they were very emotional songs,” he continues. “There’s a moment during ‘That Old Black Magic’ where we hear some guy sing, ‘God, he’s really, really angry at me.’ ”

“Then, I realized, ‘Well, I know that guy and he had a problem with me,’ ” Iman says. “I was like, ‘I don’t hate you. Don’t you want to work through your problems?’ He was such a sweet guy. I mean, you don’t know, but when I sang those parts, it made me feel better. But when the guitar solo happened, I had a very negative response. It was a difficult time. I still love it. But I didn’t know what to do.”

Iman spent the next five years trying to figure out what had happened. He asked me to be his counselor, and I tried to figure it out.

Iman says his feelings about being gay or bisexual are much the same as his childhood feelings, which were the same. He says he learned to feel shame about it, but also to love himself and his own feelings for being gay or bisexual.

When he was 18, Iman and a friend started taking Xanax together. They’d listen to the Grateful Dead, listen to Bob Dylan, and play video games. “If I had any anger or frustration, I was angry or frustrated in the video games,” Iman says. “One of our friends was in a bad mood, and I would get in the game and try to beat him. I’d play a few weeks in a row and then I’d have a really tough time.”

In late October 1985, at a club near Madison Square Garden, Iman says people started yelling homophobic slurs at him. “I went to

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