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The word belt is used because it is one of the first words that comes into our mouths when we sing in the car as we move from one part of our car to another. The belt can also be made up of the seat belt, head restraints, or even the steering wheel itself.

The belt is not just about your carseat. A belt helps you keep your head warm, cool, and protect your neck, back, shoulders, hips, and legs. You’ll also feel less uncomfortable in your car when your head doesn’t hurt during a hot summer day.

Learn More About Singing With A Belt

There are many different types of belts in singing, but the one with which we are most familiar is the “belly belt”. The belly belt provides a solid, stable foundation for the neck area, where a belt will typically cover it. A seat belt covers up your ribs, but is designed to cover the belt itself. The belly belt is ideal, and can also be used in conjunction with a traditional neck belt.

There are a couple of different types of belly belts, but it’s not easy to distinguish them based on appearance alone. Some belly belts use an elastic waistband, while a lap belt or other type of belt can use a cloth strap. The type of belt you wear will often matter a lot for its fit.

The easiest way to determine a belt type is to look at the belt and see the type of elastic or fabric that it is made out of. Sometimes it will have a letter or number that will identify it as a one-belt, one-belt-and-socks. These belts will have an “X” in front of it on the top. We suggest that belts that are in this type are not used.

An elastic belt may come in either the front or back. They are more expensive, but can give you a very secure head-rest or other safety feature. An elastic belt with a strap may also have it on the back in case the neck belt is not easily adjusted.


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