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Moorish wooden furniture in general is beautiful and can often be seen in fine homes. Some woods such as ash are more common in fine homes, but the same cannot be said of the other woods. Mahogany is an easy wood to find, and is almost always used for building. It is a good choice for many projects, such as tables, benches and table legs. There are many varieties of mahogany, and most furniture manufacturers now take care of this wood in one way or another.

What tools will I need to cut mahogany?

A knife and a set of scissors are recommended when cutting mahogany. This is because mahogany needles have a high melting temperature of about 700 degrees. If the knife accidentally slips and cuts, instead of having to use too much force to get the knife out, you only need to sharpen your knife.

When chopping the needles to make table legs or small pieces for furniture, your fingers should have a very good grip. With the edges rounded, it will make cutting easier. You will also want to use long, sharp nails because the wood absorbs energy and the needles do not spin easily.

How do I make mahogany furniture?

To make a mahogany table, you need:

– Mahogany planks (see our woodworking page)

– Some kind of cutting board (we will use pine for this)

– A table saw, or even a hand saw

– Screws, to hold the plank in place during sawing

– A board scraper (as needed)

To make a mahogany chair, you need:

– Mahogany pieces

– Mahogany planks or beams

– A chair scraper and screws

– A table saw for cutting the legs

– A table saw for the top

Note! Some mahogany furniture pieces are too long for a saw to cut into them. We have been able to create tables with these pieces. The shorter pieces are the ones that are good for tables, but only if you just want a table. We also have tables with long pieces that you can use for stools! Look for tables in our mahogany section.

Our next section is about some other varieties of mahogany.

Mahogany Species

The main varieties of mahogany are the “white, oak or ash” varieties. These

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