What is pitch made of?

The term “pitch made of” is a bit of a misnomer, as it suggests “made from” instead of “made out of”. In reality, it is very easy to think of a piece of meat as made from any one of many things. The meat isn’t made, but it really feels like it.

Pitch is basically the rough texture, or how the meat feels when you cut into it. When you cut into a bone, it is a whole piece of meat with all the layers that make up this whole process of cooking. For example, on the bone there will be the bone marrow that provides the structure and density, the muscle structure, some fat, the bone itself, and then the cartilage to allow it to be cooked. Pitch for this example is just the texture, and isn’t nearly as important as the other things that are made out of this thing.

Pitch is also different than the term “cut”. Pitch is made of all kinds of small (and big) particles that make up it.

How does a piece of meat weigh?

Pound weight is something that can only really be measured with scientific instruments which are expensive, and thus, not easy to obtain. I think the most important thing to remember with any kind of food is that “it’s got to be a good thing to feel good about eating”. So I’m not going to try to talk to anybody about how much you should weigh. The only way that I can think of to assess how much you’re going to weigh is with what you eat, but that’s just a bit beyond the scope of this post.

Instead, we’ll use weights that are used in cooking.

How many pounds of food make up the final product?

The numbers below are from the USDA’s National Agriculture Statistics Service. One pound of ground beef = 1 pounds of meat. The USDA has more detailed information but it is too complicated for this post to digest.

So when the USDA asks your approximate weight for any single piece of food at a given restaurant, you can look up an estimate using a handy free online program called It takes an average of the food you ate, calculates how much it weighs (and has to be weighed to get the answer), and then divides the total to come up with a number.

What food are the most expensive to buy?

It sounds like you’re looking at the price of meat, so