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The pitch has two main parts. The main part is the “Mile One” portion, a mile long loop that runs from the parking lot in front of the house to the start line in front of the parking lot. It will not be completed. The second part of the pitch is the race route. The race route starts at the start of this round-tripper, and ends at the finish. These are not completed.

How can I get up to the house?

You must sign up for the race route first, and then sign in if you get picked up. (See map below.) You can’t get into the house from the street or a nearby driveway, or you’ll get run over from the first car that comes over the fence onto the race route (the race route doesn’t have a designated start and finish for the round trip.)

How do I get around in the house on a round-trip?

You can’t, as the house isn’t round-trip. You must use the road around the house, unless designated as a dirt/gravel road from a gravel parking lot. The parking lots, however, are gravel, so if there’s any chance of your running over a car, you ought to pay extra attention to where you park your car in case it falls off the sidewalk.

The house also has a handicapped parking zone just outside of the house and outside of the race route to help you if you have a handicap.

What is the course?
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It’s not really a road. It’s more of a round-trip that goes from the parking lot through the house to the end-of-ride area. It has about 6 miles, and you’ll be done by 8pm. There are many hills there, so be prepared to race up hills! The course has no sign indicating its course, and the “Race Route” on the race route is just a random street name. (See map below.)

What’s the fee to enter the park?

Entrance to the park is $10. There’s plenty of parking out front in the parking lot, but there are several areas where there are stalls that are free on top of the building. Some of the stalls look more like a parking lot than a running venue. They’re labeled as “run up” rather than open space. These may be used if you use the “run up” stalls. If you park in a stall that has all

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