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I have made more than half a dozen new keychains featuring unique designs. Here are some of my favorites so far. Feel free to check out my others here:

Why should I bother with a keychain? The simplest reason is to hide all your keys. As a keychain is a large surface area to which your keys are confined, most of your keys will be concealed within the keychain.

Another important reason is to show off the variety of designs you have in your hands. There’s some cool stuff here at Etsy too but the design of these two makes me want to buy just one so I can keep making them.

How to Make a Keychain

Below are four easy steps. If you’d like to make your own, I would suggest either buying a cheap keychain or making it yourself with your favorite keychain patterns, and then placing it on the keychain so it will hang loosely. I wouldn’t suggest using a glue, since it will wear off soon.

Step One: Cut or form the keychain out of any piece of aluminum foil. I chose a piece of aluminum foil that was 7 inch long. You don’t need to be very exact.

Step Two: Cut the piece of foil into an 8 inch wide piece. This will ensure that the keys will hang loosely (if you were able to cut the foil with the keychain already forming).

Step Three: Once you cut it you can wrap the foil around the key and secure it to the keychain. This is optional though, and I chose to do it. It’s also better to have a keychain that will actually be hanging off your keychain.

Step Four: Now you have a beautiful keychain. You can attach this to any surface that you will use for your keys. I used this key on a pair of black loafers. It was really easy to attach the key to them. This will provide extra security to your keychain as it won’t be as easy to snoop on.

I wish more companies would make them like Etsy does. I love that they take advantage of their unique designs in a way that makes them available to everyone. I also love that every time I receive a handmade keychain it will be uniquely personal. When I received mine as a gift last year it made me wonder which key was mine. I had no idea it was a key chain that had become part of my family.

I hope that people enjoy making their

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