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I’ve got one of the new ones on the shelf in the lab, but it’s the wrong model,” says one of my students, a guy with wavy brown hair who is going into law school as an immigrant and looking to apply for public defender. He says that in addition to being the only one with e on paper, he carries a gun and shoots the wrong people often.

After we finish taking notes, the student asks how one does it. The instructor says that one has two levels of training. “What,” he says, “is the first level? That, ma’am?” I start walking away. “Oh, I guess it’s called training,” the student says. “Training. Training.”

A few weeks ago, we’d found a second student that had the same difficulty. She had the same notes. But instead of a note, she had a gun. And, with some difficulty trying to hold the gun steady, she began shooting with her off hand, with one bullet in each hand. The next thing she noticed was that she could not shoot at the same time.

Our students are not a very pleasant bunch. But they do all have e on their sheets of paper. My husband says that I should ask my students if they have any thoughts about what the future holds for the gun issue—or perhaps what a better solution might be to our society’s gun problem?

“Why do guns need to be banned?” asks one of my students. She says that we’re all in this together, the kids.

“I don’t know,” she says. “Maybe that’s the issue to be aware of.”

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The government has started removing more than 10,000 documents related to former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and the National Herald from Google by the end of this week, official sources told IANS on Tuesday.

The documents were being removed from the search engine by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) “to protect personal data and national security”, they explained.

The removal of the documents, which is being done as part of a court mandate, comes months

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