Can you talk without opening mouth? – How Do You Learn Ventriloquism Fast

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Can a person stand still without mouth moving?

Can one person run around a clock without opening one jaw?

Can a man who can run fast stay still?

Can one person run around a clock without opening one jaw?

A man in a canoe can swim up to two hundred miles, yet he will not open his mouth.

A man’s body may be so well made that he cannot speak.

One man who stands on a wall and speaks to people is called the leader of a people, or the chief. He is called an artist or a poet.

A man’s strength comes from his mind.

He knows not how to use his hands.

A man cannot drink liquor without tasting his own brain.

A man should always keep a jar of good water handy at home.

A man should stand still without speaking at all times.

A man should never drink a drop of spirits, so his mind does not wander.

A man shall not say “no.” He must say, “no” when he is told, “yes,” when he thinks he may say “yes,” and, “yes” when he thinks he is going to say it. “No” means, “I do not understand.” “Yes” means, “I understand.” A young man who does not understand a simple statement has got the wrong idea of human nature.

The good news is that a young man’s mind becomes dull when he drinks alcohol and gets drunk in excess.

What is called “the good day” in America takes place when the youth thinks that he is free to speak as much as he pleases about all kinds of topics.

Some persons do not believe that they should be obliged to speak or think. They say, “I shall say nothing unless I think of it, so long as I am in a good mood.” “When I am in a bad mood,” they say. Or, “I do not know what to say, so I refrain from saying it.” This is like a man who says to himself, “If I talk about the weather in an interview I am not going to be a good speaker.” “If I talk about politics in an election I am not going to succeed in doing much good.” “If I talk about science in a class,” he says, “I am not going to be a good lecturer.” “If I talk about women in my house,” he says

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