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There is nobody.”

“That’s why they use his mouth,” the old man said.

“He’s the worst, but not the only one,” said the little boy, pointing to the man’s eyes.

“You’re talking about my father,” said the old man.

“How do you know?” the little boy asked.


The title of this post is about one of my favorite “fairy tales.” The following is a translation of a French language article with English subtitles, which I was kind of surprised to find out was translated into English! So much for my “Fairy Tale Translator Program.”

Who is Kelly Asbury? - She Scribes

I’m not a native English speaker but had never known it there was such a thing. In fact, I hadn’t even heard the term fairy tale until this week, when my grandmother passed away.

It’s a great little story — an easy one to tell, especially if you’re the kind of person who likes to tell children “When you grow up, you’re going to do the same thing you did when you were little…” It’s all about a girl who has a problem with her father’s gambling debts and wants to escape it.

There’s a scene in which we see the old man’s face at the bottom of a long river. As the girl’s father walks down the river, he gets lost in the shadows, as a shadow casts a shadow of its own. The story reminds me of the story of the boy who fell into the water at the shore line of the lake.

The girl is a member of the royal family of a kingdom in which she lives on.

Now, the princess is a strong girl. Her father is a mighty man who can’t be stopped. When King Faisal was born, he had already attained the rank of Prince, and, when he turned twelve, he attained the rank of Lord. That must have been a big thing — if he was your age, and you wanted to travel the world as an adult, there was no doubt in that mind of yours that you wanted to go live with a mighty warrior like him.

Anyway — King Faisal had three sons. One of them wanted to get rich; the other two were quite nice, while the third remained a child.

At one point, the girl’s father was in a quarrel with his wife and daughter-in-law, who were both in the land of their parents. And he said

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