Did Matt Bennett actually do ventriloquism? – How To Move Your Mouth When You Speak

Well, yes he did. But, more importantly, he did so on a live radio show. And at the same time someone just got up and made the sign for VOCAL at the exact same moment as the word “voting.”

I’m going to let this video do most of the speaking, but there have been a couple interesting things to point out:

1. As the above video shows, when Bennett began to speak, people could be heard yelling out: “Voting!” As he finished his first phrase, you can hear people shouting it back, “Yah” and other variations of the word.”

2. He never claimed to be responsible for the VOCAL VOTE! sign that was spotted on campus on Friday. He did, rather, claim credit for the act.
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3. Bennett appeared on a local public radio station, WABC News Hour, on Sunday and said the following:

“If you’re going to be voting tonight in New York City, we highly recommend you stop at this location and sign a VOCAL VOTE card. It will give you your opportunity to voice your opinion.”

I wouldn’t know how to write a news story so completely devoid of “news” without using the terms “voting” and “election” with the same exact phrasing. It was completely surreal, in this world we live in. If anything, Bennett’s statement suggests that he is genuinely concerned that students in New York are voting and they know it but don’t care.

I don’t know who is going to win this thing — Bennett or Kohn.

UPDATE: I should probably explain I don’t know anything about Bennett or what he does. I do know this is my second time hearing about him and having heard the following exchange:

“The truthfulness of these tweets [on FB and the sign] is beside the point. Those are lies,” Bennett concluded. “If I’m going to be voting, and if I don’t get called for being a Nazi today, let me be perfectly honest, that is what I’m going to do. Why would I not be telling the truth?” “I wouldn’t want to be one of those people that are gonna try and turn this into a racial issue,” Bennett added. “Because I don’t believe anything will happen to me if I don’t get called for it, because honestly, in this day and age, I am not on a list. I am

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