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Yes, it’s possible! What’s interesting about this show is that I’m very much of the opinion that every character that I’ve ever worked on — on this level, really. This is such a unique set of circumstances that a lot of characters might have been different.

Is there any particular aspect of the show that you’re most excited about making?

For me, it’s just kind of taking the opportunity to introduce some other new characters on the show, some characters that you might not expect and some characters that really stand out, and I think it’s just a beautiful opportunity to tell a story.

What’s the most interesting storyline you’ve been working on?

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This series really has two things going for it. I think the first thing is the story, because it’s so unusual and it’s such a bizarre story and so different in terms of premise from any other show that I’ve been involved in. This show is so different in every way and the characters really are very, very different. So I don’t think the characters necessarily had much to do except be themselves, and so I can really use the story as kind of a vehicle and just be a part of telling this story.

How much has the casting process been different for this show than other, similar ones?

We do cast the show. This is a new show, so when we’re trying to find a new set, we try to look back and look at the show and see what makes this work, and then if we don’t have anything in terms of someone that could play a certain character or something, then we’ll get some sort of random character. In all cases, it’s just the same process that we all go through. And from that, it’s just kind of trying to find the best character or actor or actress that we can find for the part.

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Season 4 Spring Qualifiers Information Organizer: Riot Games Sponsor: Razer Game Version: 4.18 Console: PC

North American

Season 4 Spring Regional Qualifier League Information Sponsor: Razer Format: Online


Final online

Round robin

Top 4

Prize Pool

US Dollars in cash


Single elimination bracket (Top 8 move on to Playoffs)

Bracket is best of 3

Top placing is guaranteed to attend LCS Summer

Quarterfinals: Best of 5


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