How do you make a sock puppet mouth? – Learn Ventriloquism Dvdscr Quality

By knitting a pair of straight needles that are too long. Then you use a short section of knitting and turn it all the way inside-out. Then you turn that side inside out, make it round to make it more comfortable, then turn it all the way in-back-out-in-front, make sure the ends of the stitches you knit are pointing outwards and make it so the right side has stitches coming through the centre (make it all the way round to make it wider as you go). Now you’ve got a new sock puppet mouth. You make a loop of yarn and pull it tight into a fist like a hand to prevent it rolling around. You then take the end of the needle and poke the little sock head out and hold it by the side of the other sock. Do this over and over until the two of you have made the same sort of hand so that you can keep the other sock on when you’re talking to your new friend. You then wrap the extra yarn around the two of you and hold your arms about shoulder-width apart from each other and make sure that the arm closest to the sock gets a leg to the right of the sock. The rest of the arm is held down, with the sock side in-between them, so when the other sock is on and the yarn is pulling you around, you’re just hanging from there. To avoid getting them both in the same place, you need to twist your arms to give them different angles so you can rotate their positions later. If you did that right, when they’re hanging off in the air, the arm closest to the sock will turn a little more.

Once you make a new sock puppet mouth, you can put it to use all over your sock puppet’s arms, hands, leg, and body. You’ll find it a great gag gift, too, or you can get a big pile of them and have one with you when you go shopping every time it seems there’s a sock that has the wrong sort of mouth.

Here’s a clip of a sock puppet talking to the camera. I put a sock puppet in a pair of trousers to show you what I mean.

This is another example of sock puppets with the wrong kind of mouth. The right kind of sock puppet gets the left sock under a hand or out of a mouth, as shown below.

In order to have the highest level of performance you should select a gaming keyboard that has:

• The highest level of precision

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