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No. The world of Toho films has grown exponentially, and while the films themselves are not dead, the world they represent has not been, and is not living out the end times in the film world quite as well as the rest of entertainment has.

The Toho films have been a lot of things to most of us over the years, from classic to bizarre to hilarious to silly to disturbing to just plain weird, and they have all brought something to the table they weren’t always supposed to.

But they also have helped define and shape popular culture for us all – if it wasn’t for the likes of the Godzilla franchise, we might not have met a bunch of characters that look like us. If this were not the case, if a film like Godzilla were not on the block, Godzilla would not be a character we’ve all got mixed feelings about. I’ve got mixed feelings about Toho’s Godzilla, but I’m also a fan, and I’ve seen some of the film I’ve seen, and what I’ve seen so far has been amazing – but, with one caveat, I will say it is worth seeing in the UK at least once.
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I’ll give you one other caveat too. This is not a recommendation of the UK, though. Toho has no plans to open the company up to outside films or film projects at this time, as it is a foreign company which does not have its own country to promote. Toho also has no plans to make the series of films known internationally, with the exceptions of Japan.

And I will not be doing a review of the film – which is what I’ve been doing since last Friday (and when I’ve been away the second the film was released I had a bit of a headache), and I’m not even going to recommend there on the site. That’s probably because it’s not a very good film, but I’m also going to mention it from time to time here to make sure it isn’t forgotten.

For all the Toho films I’ve seen, all the people I’ve met, and all the reasons I am enjoying them so far, the main thing is: I’m still alive.

It’s hard for me to overstate why that is, when I started writing this review, I was literally going home crying because I could not wait to leave and find out why.

What I mean by it is, I have a feeling I’m going to spend quite a bit of time with The King

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