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The only thing that goes through his head is his voice and what he has to do next.

“This is my job, right now,” he said. “I’m not going to be distracted.”

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Mumbai: The Maharashtra government has launched a major effort to reduce the number of people who commit suicide in the name of self-immolation as part of a concerted national action plan, an official said, the first such initiative by the state government at least in the first half of its tenure.

Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis has ordered that the state government plans to establish special committees to identify areas where there would be reduction in this phenomenon, according to Puneet Kaul, the Director Health Services.

Officials said that, in an effort to target young people who are considered at high risk of suicidal thinking in the state, a five-member committee headed by state director general (health and family welfare) was set up in the office of district magistrate, which included the director general of Health Services, medical commissioner and health officers from the state health department and the police administration. “In the next few days, the committee will identify areas, where the reduction would take place,” said Kaul.

In addition to focusing on prevention, the committee will also look at setting up medical centres and hospitals in low-security areas that would house people with mental health conditions as well as offer services in case of emergency, he said.

Puneet Kaul told IANS that the committee had decided on six points: 1. Elimination of gender bias.

2. Prevention of stigma against suicide.

3. Increased communication.

4. Increasing mental health education for parents;

5. Prevention of mental health issues and mental illness.

6. Public education campaigns.

I was just wondering for this post on how to use the following to load data into our database… the code below is based off of a post on the excellent DBI. It worked for me and was so easy.