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Most people who talk don’t even know they’re talking. When you talk, you convey signals via the wind, gravity, and sound. Most of the time, people will notice you using those signals. If they don’t, they’ll try to imitate what you’re saying. If you use your mouth to speak, you’ll try to imitate what they’re saying.

The trick is to have a good sense of the signals. You can tell when you’re communicating from your mouth to the speaker. You can also make predictions from the air as you talk. If you don’t understand something he’s saying in a sentence, don’t get frustrated and try to memorize it. Remember, it’s a whole conversation.

Do you need to be drunk in order to talk to people?

No. But when intoxicated, you’re more likely to talk. In fact, most conversations are not really drinks with alcohol at the bottom of it. Rather, it’s the combination of signals you send with your speech. If you are using a sign to signal what you have in mind–in this case, “I don’t believe you but don’t judge me.”–drinking can be a handy mental tool if you are trying to understand someone else’s mind.

It doesn’t sound good though, you want all the information possible.

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