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There’s a lot of movement, and a lot of moving your hands and arms around.”

Gibbons and the “motorized ventriloquist” have found several ways to create different effects and different effects in the “doll house.” And though there have been plenty of attempts over past decades to create an onstage illusion, Gibbons and the ventriloquist are the only ones with any real success.

As for the future of the “motorized ventriloquist,” Gibbons says, “I’d like to see the ventriloquist continue, but I feel he needs to be more patient, more humble. He needs to understand that the audience has a role that he is supposed to fill, and we’re not his audience anymore.”

“I would want him to give more time over to his own creativity and artistry,” he adds. “The ventriloquist doesn’t need to be in a wheelchair. I’d like to see him become more of a painter, more painterly. I want him to be more of a living artist because I want people to see the things that he creates. He is living proof that the things people say in this world don’t matter. People can’t say anything anymore.”

LONDON – The UK will pay Russia billions of pounds if it tries to take a slice of oil and gas from the country, European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker has said in a clear swipe at Russia.

“I have already called their bluff,” Juncker told a news conference Friday, adding that “we are ready to say nothing.”

He said the new sanctions against Moscow are in line with EU sanctions against Iran and North Korea and will not undermine the EU’s relations with Moscow despite the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

Russia annexed Ukraine’s Crimea Peninsula and backed a pro-Russian separatist rebellion in eastern Ukraine a year ago, sparking the worst crisis in relations between the EU and another nuclear-armed power in a generation.

“For us it is absolutely clear: there can be no negotiations” with an illegal ruler that denies the Holocaust, said Juncker.

The EU sanctions target those Russian officials and businesses who trade with Iran or with Pyongyang over its nuclear, missile and space programs, which are covered by the EU sanctions on the latter.

Russia’s Energy Ministry said Saturday that it won’t accept any new sanctions on the Russian economy over Ukraine unless “the EU decides to impose a double embargo on Russia,” and

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