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I don’t see much evidence of it in the photos.”

After a few clicks I realize it’s the fact that I’m using some kind of plastic wrap to wrap my mouth, not the actual fact that it’s a plastic bag, but if you were to cut open the bag I honestly don’t see that it would be any different. In fact it gets worse. When they show photos of me using something like the tape, I don’t really have any indication that they are the product as they are packaged.

Then, as if to highlight how poorly packaged most of I am wrapping my mouth in, they present a picture of my dog with a little white plastic clip.

As a dog owner, I was disappointed with this product from the very off chance that it was what I thought it was. They even show a picture of my dog with the clip attached at around 4:45 in the video to prove how well they packaged it so I know it’s real.

Next, to make matters worse they show another, more recent picture, this one of a dog on the street on a plastic bag.

This picture was obviously taken in the same manner as the previous ones but at least they were on a plastic bag to show that something I was wrapping my mouth in was indeed real and not fake.

However, as I mentioned in my previous post, if those pictures were actually taken, then they must have been taken within the last few hours or so. I can’t find ANY photos of actual dogs on plastic bags anywhere on Twitter. I know it is possible but in order to really show how bad I think it is, you would really have to take photos of how they do it.

Finally, as I said, the video actually talks about the packaging before and after I say my last sentence. The video then talks about the dogs in the video getting their plastic clips removed but as I said, the video doesn’t have any other photo that shows that in relation to why the clips got removed.

Again, I’ve seen dog food advertised as “Dog Treats Made from 100% Vegetable Ingredients,” which is a lie and it is why the majority of the products they sell are not really plant based. The only reason that the packaging was not clearly labeled in regards to what it actually is, and just how it’s not plant based, is because they knew all along they were buying another product.

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So if you’re going to buy from this company, just be

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