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P: It’s like the P-I-U-S-T-I-C-E in Greek.

Q: Why would you say it’s the P-I-U-S-T-I-C-E?

P: Because it’s the simplest, it’s the most elegant and has the least amount of letters.

Q: Do you understand that pronunciation?

P: Yes.

Q: So why say it P-I-U-S-T-I-C-E?

P: Because we would say it “P” in Spanish and Latin. It’s the same word that is pronounced the same in English and Spanish.

Q: All right, so how do you say the P?

P: Use the fingers, not the lips.

Q: All right. Let’s say it’s “P”.

P: I know, right?

Q: What do you say it with?

P: There are several ways, but you probably remember your fingers from the end of the story, or maybe the “n” sounds.

Q: And when you say “I know the pronunciation for this”, do you get more or less than 30 seconds?

P: About 29 seconds. This is an example of the time.

Q: If you were in the country of Poland and told a Polish person to say you P when you are talking to him, would you do it?
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P: Yes, it is the traditional way, as I had an English teacher who says it.

Q: Let’s say this P comes from a song.

P: I like a song where they say the word “P” only one time.

Q: Okay, that’s a little time for you. Is it good or bad if you say the word with that pronunciation?

P: I believe it’s the traditional way.

Q: Is it good or bad?

P: Very good.

Q: If it’s good, that means that you are more polite than people in Poland who wouldn’t say it that way.

P: Yes, it is.

Q: Let’s take a second to think about it. What’s the difference here between the “P” pronunciation and the pronunciation I just saw?

P: The word for “P” is a single syllable

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