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If you need help, or have a question about how Toontown Online functions, please see this FAQ.

The Sims 4 Edit

In The Sims 4, you can create your own people by creating them in the Build Mode, which allows you to place a Sim within the area for them to live in. The person can only sleep in the area you have created them in (so you cannot create sleeping Sims in the garage for them to sleep in in the morning), but they cannot be moved around. They can be moved a short distance, and they can also be made to do different activities, such as shopping or cleaning your room. Your Sims can only live in Sims they have created – their previous life is also gone. However, a Sim created by others can live in anything that is allowed by you.

If a Sim is not in the area they’re in when you launch Toontown, the Sim will stay there and not perform any of the tasks you’ve assigned them. The only ways of resetting the Sim’s life are to reset the area around the Sim, which will take 1 hour (it takes 2 hours in Toontown), or kill another Sim within the area of the Sim.

Once you make a good enough friend, he or she will also allow all your own Sim to live in the area within that character’s boundaries if they don’t have one of their own left, and you will no longer need any other characters as friends in other areas. However, a Sim living in an area you do not own also can never live there again, or there may be issues with them if the area they are in gets destroyed.

If a Sim in your own Sim’s world becomes an NPC in another game, they will return to live in their own area of the world. That’s why the area they were in is their original world – if you want to give them to another person, it will be the only way.

If your Sim dies, their sim files will not be transferred. That means that if you have your friend’s character and a new Sim in that Sim’s world, your friend’s game will not be saved. However, if you start a new game of your friend’s character, he or she will show to be a different person, and their character files will be transferred back to the old game. If that happens, they could take over your friend’s character if you decide you don’t want them anymore.

If you create a

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