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It is interesting because I never really had the chance to really interact with her, because she’s always been the focus — we would just work and go into work and be like “we’re going to talk about this.” And then I would call for her and she would be busy, and it would take me until it was right in front of me, and then I would be like… “Okay, okay, I think we’re done with this one.”

So it’s sort of a nice dynamic where you go in front of a camera and you say, “Oh, I’m going to talk.” And there were many times in my career going to that scene for a specific reason, but as far as getting an actual conversation going in a rehearsal like I actually had with her. That was a real opportunity that didn’t come along very often. So it’s nice to have the opportunity.

So what is that scene about?

It is really one of the most intense scenes of all of our scenes there. It’s a little more complex in tone and approach than most of the scenes but it is, in fact, the final scene of the film. And when it’s over, all seven of us will sit down to talk about where this character comes from, what the movie is about. It’s a pretty intimate process and really, we’re all very emotional for this one scene.

What is your relationship like with the other actors who are on the film?

I’ve worked with all of them, so to speak. But they’re all very nice.

I would imagine one of the things you have in common with all of them is that they are not from the Midwest/East Coast so that makes it harder for you.

Well, it is. I’m not from the Midwest so I kind of feel at home. So I have some familiarity, but definitely not like when I lived in Wisconsin, which is basically the Midwest. I had the privilege of living in Wisconsin for a long time when I was younger so it’s a little different. But I was always at their beck and call. Obviously, when I was young when I first became successful — and I started writing after I moved here, too — I was at the beck and call of all these great writers and filmmakers that were still around even then. They were just great people to meet and be like, “Wow… are you from a place like this?” and I’m not. I didn’t grow up

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