How do you make a puppet voice? – How Do You Learn Ventriloquism Free

In the past, I’ve written on how to use Audacity to create a voice.

The process is simple:

Create two audio files with a different name than the voice you’re trying to make. For example, this is an mp3 audio where I’m trying to make a puppet voice: It goes like this:

Here’s the MP3 track and the mp3 audio (using the Open source tool Audacity)

Start the Audacity program:

You need to run it as administrator, as you can’t edit files by just clicking Play, so it’s best to open it in your default directory (I have mine on C:\Audacity), then add the directories where your audio files are, as we’ll be making a voice, here:

The path to the audio files should look like this:

Now, select all the audio files. Then click File > New > File, and name it “Puppet.”

Then, click Open.

You’ll still want to give the voice some personality, so click Add Voice. I’ve changed the title of it, so it’s more appropriate, now using the default title, “Puppet Master.”

At some point in the process, you’ll either get an error that your script isn’t loaded, or you’ll simply get an audio error about a missing track. This is normal, as Audacity can’t do anything with your files because they’re still being created. So, go back, click Play, and then try again.

If you continue this process, you should end up with a file that sounds a little more like that puppet sound you heard in your head. It could sound something like this:

The next thing you’ll want to add is some music. I usually add “jazz” music, and to this point, I’ve found this to be the best source of sound, if you’re recording things with a synth. Here’s one I made, to give you an idea:

After adding the appropriate music, click Export.

Next, click Export to save the file for download to the original audio you’ve made.

That’s it! You’re done!

To test, just click the Play button, and enjoy your puppet voice.


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