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The word is defined as a person using a live human face to impersonate another person by using a fake voice or other means to represent the other person. For example, the person sitting next to you at the lunch counter is a ventriloquist. “I’m an American” (i.e., your American father) is not considered a synonym for an American, simply because it’s not a true representation of a real person and therefore would not have such a person appear on the card, or if you believe it to be real, the name on the card would not have been created to represent a true person.

What is a ventriloquist’s dummy in another language?

The word is defined as “a figurine, such as a man’s head, and a dummy or a drawing. A ventriloquist’s dummy usually has a human face attached to it, and is usually colored white. Ventriloquist’s dolls are a type of dummy, often painted red, and are used to illustrate the act of ventriloquism.”

Is there any truth to the statement that ventriloquism was invented by the late 1800s, and was used to entertain children?

There is currently some debate over whether the word “Ventriloquist” began as a noun rather than an adjective, as several dictionaries state that “Ventriloquist” was coined as a verb in the early 1800s[4] and the earliest known print reference is found in a letter of 1782 from the London newspaper, the Evening Post, to an anonymous writer; it states as follows: VENTURILLOQUISTS AND A GRAPPLING TRADITION, (The Evening Post, 1782.)

As the author writes, the act of ventriloquizing is performed on the head of a blank instrument, sometimes made up of paper and cloth, and by the motion of the head, a voice is imitated, sometimes by placing the instrument upon, or being placed in, any part of the face of the person for whose amusement it is performed; and what is termed a “voice,” may not be entirely unintelligible: “We shall also observe, that the most popular entertainments of the present day often begin with a pretention or exhibition of the vivacity of the human figure. When this has been finished, the figure is broken up and the head and figure of the pretended person are put to the fire

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