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The answer is your lips move during the speech. When the speech is complete and finished, you can use your own muscles to maintain the mouth motion. But, not all speech requires motion. Some words must be interrupted with a pause, “ah,” “ugh,” “you know.” There are even words such as “hallelujah” that don’t require a certain amount of throat motion. But, I will use the example of “ah.” What if the speaker said, ahh, “hallelujah” without interrupting the sentence? You would hear the sound “ah” on the other side of your mouth. That would make it so the speaker would say, “hallelujah” when he finished the sentence. If you had not moved your throat you wouldn’t have heard the sound.

I’ve been using the i3 as my daily driver. Although it is slow and somewhat sluggish, it is good for all I need. I have never been a fan of the power management in my laptops and it seems no matter how many hours I use i3 the battery dies quickly.

Recently, I have been using PowerTune with the default settings. If I enable PWM on a laptop, it seems to be even faster, especially with games. It also seems to prevent the laptop from overheating during long gaming sessions. But I keep encountering the “i3 is not booting” error even though that means there is a bug and it is not a driver issue. I’ve had to enable PWM for days to get it to work.
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In recent days, I found some articles on “CPU speed tweaks and performance improvements on laptops” ( The ones that have stuck with me are the results from the “Intel(R) Extreme Tuning Utility.”

I am using this utility during all my laptop usage. I am on a laptop that does not have a CPU voltage limiter. I simply remove the fan and turn down the power on the laptop, then the laptop shuts down. I run the utility, power up the laptop and it works like a champ.

I really enjoy it. When I run the laptop after I’ve turned it off, it doesn’t crash anymore. If I run

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