How do you talk in your stomach? – Learn Ventriloquism Dvdfab 11 Key

Do you scream a lot, like a lot of other people did?

Brett McKay: Yes.

Karl Meltzer: Yes?

Brett McKay: I don’t think. I think people kind of scream in my stomach like the opposite of how they talked when I was younger I just didn’t. I mean, I do have like a big stomach.

Karl Meltzer: You did.

Brett McKay: So I never talk in my stomach!

Karl Meltzer: You do.

Brett McKay: What’s your relationship to your stomach?

Karl Meltzer: I think I’m pretty close to my stomach. There’s probably no two people at all that I can’t talk to. I don’t think about it. We’re just talking in a way like when you talk in your head you say, “That is like a gut, that is a brain.” I’ll let people know.

When you talk that you’re talking and you get people who have a certain body language and are sitting next to you I don’t let them know. That’s why I’m not allowed in the room. I don’t think I’m supposed to know too much about our bodies unless we’re in there and talking and I want to sit up and I don’t want to have to be out of breath and that’s another thing in my mind.

My body language I’m not super used to. I think people have to learn to talk to other human beings and there’s a couple of other things like how we make music and what that does with our bodies and just talk and I think that’s what people have to learn, just how to talk.

People are really into a certain vocal range and the way we make music I think is also kind of like a vocal range that will suit all different people. I’m not a weirdo like, I don’t wanna be like, “The vocal range I have” or something and a certain vocal range. I think people are kinda weird on how they talk and how they can hear the same thing.

So I don’t wanna jump from, like, “This is my voice” and go, “I sing like that.” I don’t wanna do one thing and I’m not into it. I want to have variety and just talk and that’s just what I do.

So, I love talking about whatever. I don’t really listen to music more than I watch. But

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