What is a Transviliquist? – Learn Ventriloquism For Children

A Transviliquist is someone who, in the belief that the human species (or any kind of creature) deserves to survive, will eat whatever they want, when they want to eat it. They’ll eat anything, whenever they want! But do you think they’re going to eat whatever the human race needs? No, no they probably won’t, the Human race needs everything, and because it’s a human, it can do so many things. And also since it’s a Human, it’s not going to starve to death, which means they have more food to eat.

This might not seem like the kind of thing most people would be keen to believe, but this is an incredibly dangerous belief, and it’s something that is not only incredibly dangerous for the species/people who believe in it, but it’s also damaging to the species.

We talk about species and how they’re vital, how the diversity of things is a good thing, that we should preserve, and that humans can improve upon that. But here’s the thing – we don’t even know how much we can improve upon it until we’ve eaten it. There are huge gaps in our knowledge about species – we don’t really understand very much about what it means to be a human or a dinosaur, or what it means to be an ant – and about how we’re the product of an evolutionary process, and that of all the different lifeforms that we need to live. And yet, our species believes that it deserves more of life and more food (even though we have no idea), whilst that of all the other species in the world is absolutely starving. And the worst part about this belief is that these Transviliquist beliefs are held by hundreds of million human beings. We think it’s a good idea to have more food, we think it’s a good idea to have more power and more control over the world, but we’re doing this to ourselves. And it is so damaging to humans, to ourselves and to the species, that it’s just about impossible to get rid of the misconception, even though the evidence is piling up.

This belief, these practices, these beliefs all stem from a simple misconception; that humans should have more food. It makes us feel good, and we make all this stuff up!

It turns out that for many species, they do have more food. For example, for some species, eating large animals that are big enough to digest, is a requirement. (I’m

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