How do you talk without moving your lips?

You talk to other people with your hands, with your arms. You think that you are talking with yourself, but I am talking in another voice and speaking to you, to a person whom you already know. I am speaking to all the people of this world in order so that what has come to you might not be too hard for a time you forget. In a country where language is so limited, we need these languages as the tools for communication.

Museum of Ventriloquist Voices — Anna Burden
As for our language, we are not so sure about how to use it. The Japanese can understand us better, so maybe we need to get into a rhythm. When we get to know people, it is easier to speak to them than to look down on them.

We understand one another better if we speak in an environment where we all know somebody.

And now, let us meet again one day.

[English translation of a Japanese article by Shichibukai Kojiro Yoshiharu in Bisku, August 23, 1972, No. 20]

A large portion of the European Union has been gripped by shock over the recent terror attacks in Paris. And the EU’s leaders are scrambling to make their own contribution to helping the French people.

One of the most famous members of the EU, the French ambassador to Germany, is reportedly furious that Germany is allowing the free flow of refugees to Germany despite the danger of further radicalization in that country.

German newspapers are reporting that the French ambassador to Germany, Francois M. Tissot, is deeply alarmed by Germany’s refugee policies and believes that Europe should have more resources for tracking and tracking down potential extremists.

Germany’s Social Democrats, Merkel’s coalition partner, have said there is no question that the refugees should travel through Germany to get to the other EU countries, with an additional border fence being built to protect Europe from the threat of terrorist attacks in France. But in a sign of how worried many Germans are over the possibility of radicalization, some in Germany’s Green party are calling for the wall to be built as well.

Germany is the largest consumer of refugees in Europe, and as a consequence that has generated much public anxiety. The German chancellor, Angela Merkel, has promised that Germans will have enough money to take in thousands more refugees if necessary.

The German chancellor has stated that Germany will support France if it decides to open its doors to refugees, according to the German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. The German newspaper