Is throwing your voice real?

A: Yes! When a character in an action film speaks, many actors, especially those who are not used to performing the role, will be shocked to be recognized. In a storyboard scene, there’s often a line or words the director thinks you’ll recognize which, until you do, you aren’t sure if it’s you or the camera director who heard it.

Some times lines will be spoken by a character who you’ll recognize and you’ll be embarrassed when you realize that he spoke the lines. Or you might remember that your character had said these lines in another scene of the film. But on the other hand, you’ll be thrilled when you hear the words and you can actually imitate them.

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3. Are you scared?

A: Absolutely! I find this a bit more difficult than answering the voice questions above because a lot of times you don’t know your voice until you hear it on screen. So, being afraid on set is common. You might be shy or scared or even be afraid of being filmed making a scene.

However, when you do hear your voice from the start of a movie or video game, you’re most likely going to have a hard time looking away from the monitor or TV you’re on as you listen to it for the last minute or so of your performance. But that’s okay! Most of the time you’ll be amazed at what you can do, and if the sound stage has enough to accommodate the actors, that’s just the beginning. You’ll eventually start doing a variety of other roles including speaking and speaking-at-a-distance like in a theater.

Just remember, it’s a challenge to do all this. And if you’re a newcomer, you’ll probably learn faster on more demanding and difficult assignments, which is another bonus for you!

4. What is your favorite part of directing?

A: I think my favorite part of directing is taking a scene you’ve been dreaming about directing and bringing it to life. That feeling that makes you realize how much you’ve really done and your job is done for that day.

This will need to be a simple project, something that is well made and that people will enjoy. If they liked this you may want to keep making things like this one. I really like this type of project.

We’ll start off by making a mold out of a piece of plastic. This will make making a mold