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“I am sorry I was insensitive. I can never apologize for not wanting to cause this to happen to someone else.”

She added, “I’m a feminist, but I’m not a slut.”

When he started talking, her mother grabbed his arm, saying, “Don’t talk about anything that isn’t your business. I’m not here to talk about you.”

“And when I had gotten close to the door, he would hold my arm,” he’s alleged to have yelled.

The incident allegedly occurred in March 2014 at a party hosted by the party’s then-owner, as well as partygoers at the home’s front porch.

At one point, her mother grabs the young man’s arm, telling him, “Don’t ever do that to anybody.”

“She told me when we live in the Bay Area, it is normal to treat the elderly with respect, and now that’s who I want to do it to,” the girl’s mother told CNN affiliate KGO-TV

“You need to understand, that’s not just a thing we do anymore, it’s not an event,” she added. “And at least let him get his point across with his story, because if we don’t learn from this incident, it could happen again. It could hurt someone else’s baby, just make a situation even worse.”

The mother told KLTV her family was unaware that the young men had made comments about her daughter.

The girl who accused the men told KGO she tried to intervene in an argument at her high school where one of the accused students allegedly told a girl she slept with at a party: “Why do girls sleep around?”

The girl said she told the alleged student “you have some issues there.”

The mother explained to Klasport it happened in an “exasperating way.

She recalled her mother “didn’t seem very good about it.”

“She said she doesn’t know why I would be telling you.

She said she didn’t want her granddaughter involved.
Mook Jong

She said she was “livid” her daughter’s best friend was involved in the alleged incident.

“It’s the first time a friend’s gotten in trouble because she let me know.”

The girl said she’s “saddened” she won’t now be playing with her friends, and she’s afraid to wear her school uniform.

Klasport told KLTV he

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