How do you talk without moving your mouth?

In general, you can only talk with your mouth moving on the side.

I don’t talk like that, and I don’t like it.

No, I don’t do anything like that.

What do you mean you don’t like it?

I mean that I like to read books.

That’s pretty weird.

I don’t like it!

Well, that’s really hard to explain and understand.

Well, it’s also really hard to do…

…as this is an easy to write story.

You said you are not talking like that, but your mouth is moving while you write, and it doesn’t seem intentional. What do you mean by that?


If I were talking like this, my mouth would be going where I want it to go every single time, and my words wouldn’t be in synch with each other, right?


No, no.

I’ve got two fingers on each hand.

Two fingers.


If I was talking like this, the sound might be coming from this one finger.

I mean, this one has this small sound, and my words might be coming out of the other one.

That’s the weirdest part, that’s why I write this way.

But no matter what, I try to think about it on the fly.

Do you mean you can’t think about writing without moving your lips?

Of course, that’s impossible and a bad habit.

What do I mean by writing with a moving mouth then?

Do you mean that just putting your head in the book is too much?

No, I mean actually…

Do people even use these methods of talking?


Some people say that it’s easy to write because you just write a lot.

But I think it’s just like saying it’s easy to ride a bike.

What does it actually mean to put your head out of the book?

Sometimes people write like that…

Do people want to be able to put their head out of a book?


So people do, but they do it when they are bored or trying to escape.

No, the people who want to be able to use that technique, I think they find it really funny.