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I think there are 4 types of individuals who become ventriloquists. The first one is that one’s ego is so bruised by working as an entertainer that they want to get back on a stage and act and act again without any of the negative repercussions. That can be anyone from people who were once successful ventriloquists now wishing that they could do it all again because they are getting bored by it. Second, they see the industry as something that requires constant attention. And then there are those individuals who see the entertainment industry as a way of life (for myself I see it as being part of my livelihood).

The only way I can answer this question is I don’t know, if you give me a short timeline I can try and estimate. It took me about 2 years to learn how to do the act and do the puppet shows, and the last year and a half of it just learning how to use props and makeup, getting a good actor to portray the part. In order to even consider performing at a live show I had to take on the persona of a complete puppet and make sure that all of the pieces were fitting. I have even had to change the character and make the puppet more or less human.

The way I am currently doing this, I think I will try and finish my degree in musicology and continue to perform full time. But I really don’t know what I can really realistically expect to achieve there until I actually start doing it.
New Frankenstein Monster Ventriloquist Figure 1 Of A Kind ...

You have the first of several performances scheduled for Friday as part of “The Dandy Mugs” with the Chicago Theatre Festival. Is there any significance to the fact that you want to take these off the road?

I have no clue. I don’t know if it’s because the dates they take off or just because they are very far and in my way, I am very happy with what is currently being done in the Northwest so I’m just happy with where things are. I guess I have to make my own luck. There is no guarantee what the show will look like, or even what the show will be like, but I think you can assume that it will be a fun production that will be really engaging for the whole audience. I’m happy that there is some exposure for these types of shows. The other thing that I have always dreamed and hoped for, is to be able to perform an entire “show” on a stage with the entire performance. I never had the chance. This is the

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