Is Robbie from victorious a ventriloquist? – Ventriloquist Skills

I guess it’s time we got some clarification. I don’t know about the first time, but the other two times we met were at one of his games!

You do have to think of him as being a master when it comes to ventriloquism. He was a very strong ventriloquist who made it a lot more dramatic.

We got to meet him at the end of the season. We were talking about ventriloquism and things like that. So I said ‘hey Robbie would be a great ventriloquist… I just found out a couple of weeks ago we had a few ventriloquist friends at the game’ and he said ‘yeah’. So that was that!

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When I met him, we had played a game. So we had a little group of four or five people there to sit down with the ventriloquist. It was really good… I don’t usually say this, but it was the best ventriloquism I’ve seen. I went to see him a couple of times since.

After a few different performances, he was asked to do something like that for the rest of the season, at the end of the course, he did another one.

You got the trophy for beating Arsenal. Are you happy with that achievement?

Yes, I am. I’m really happy for all the people that gave me this award, because it was unbelievable. I think my friends and family and family back home were really proud to know that Robbie had done that. I was really proud to give him that award, and I was really proud of the whole team.

We’ve won a lot in each season.

The trophies aren’t to me any more important than the friends we have and the family that we’ve lost. For them to see that the team won all the trophies it deserves was so rewarding.

The Arsenal one is the highlight for me though. It was so great to give out that one! It was just amazing.

How did you go on from that occasion – a great success for you and the team – to not even try and celebrate, and not even bring you on stage to talk about the game when you were about to go on to win it again two years later?

I was not a great supporter of the club at the time. It was a huge disappointment for me to have done that. I was obviously disappointed with how they were going

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