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Who is the female clown?” he says, “You have to ask the question. There is no female who is a clown. She comes from the human world and comes through clowns.”

As well as the male or female clown, there are also a few things that stand out. “If you look at our costumes and our outfits, it’s almost like we are playing games,” says Karsons. “But there is a difference between being the master of entertainment and being as good at it as a woman.”

“It’s like how men have to have their hands in the cookie jar and women are given dessert,” says James.

We’ll give you one guess what we mean. Not to be a snob but you cannot make the argument that they need to carry on “game playing” while women have to make a living. We don’t even have to be the world’s best game players to be playing games. We could be playing games to make a living and we would still be getting paid to do so.

Is that because a woman is better at games than a man, because as women we can take part in games more than a man does? Because the male mind does not want to play with women being there? Or that a man cannot help but get sucked into the female world through his sexuality and sexual attraction? It seems to be about both and is a huge part of why so many men who don’t look like men are attracted to women.

“Some women don’t have the right combination of intelligence and personality that is going to attract a guy like me,” explains Nastasi. “But they do have the right amount of humour and the right amount of physicality and intelligence.”

But if a female does want to date, isn’t that an issue – that she has to be physically attractive or be able to have a relationship in order to find a suitor? And if a man is attracted to a woman for her looks, is that a problem? Karsons says that, although men are more keen to pursue women who appeal to their emotional needs, he admits that when a woman doesn’t have the right attributes to attract a man, he may be very much out of luck.
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“When a man wants to have a relationship with a woman, he is going to look for a girl that he feels is strong and independent,” says Karsons. “He is going to look for a girl who is in her thirties or a younger

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