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You throw your voice out for your team. You will call fouls when you can, and the calls go your way. You’re there to make plays. I always use the ‘I’ word, which means I don’t see many plays. But, that’s why I do what I do… I’m a playmaker. I’m the guy [with the ball] who keeps the ball moving without a lot of distractions. I’m there to execute plays. I work harder on each play.

“I have a little chip on my shoulder. I don’t want to see anybody get knocked down and taken away. I’m there to help the team, and when I have to make a play I make it.”

That chip will not be erased even by the way he is being played in the pros. He was drafted in 2009 and has already been moved from inside linebacker into a 3-4 defense. He was used inside with one year of eligibility and has seen that move change his role at every level.

“The NFL is really rough,” he said. “You’re a lot bigger than you used to be, and you’re a lot weaker than you used to be. You’re not the same player on both sides. You’ve got to get stronger. Not only in practice, but with the whole season. Just playing against people you used to see all the time, and now people you don’t see at all. That’s what we face… that’s what they’re looking for in the draft.”

While he’s been the only new linebacker to see action in the NFL, Brown doesn’t view his status there as temporary.

“I’m excited about it. The goal is going in the right direction,” Brown said. “The NFL has changed a lot. The league has a more physical style of play. Everything is on the line. No matter what you do, you’re not going to get away with one mistake. … I’ve just been very fortunate.”

A three-time All-America, Brown graduated from San Diego State in 2011 and earned a graduate degree from the University of Florida in 2012. While he has played college football at one level, Brown will enter his Pro day as an NFL undrafted free agent, but his story is one of perseverance that was only ever meant to continue.

While his body might give him fits in the pros, his character gives him more strength ahead of where he’ll eventually be drafted.

“There’s always

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