What is a ventriloquist dummy called?

A ventriloquist dummy is actually just a cardboard dummy made to be played and played by the child. It’s about as accurate as a real person with a real mouth.

What does a ventriloquist dummy do?

A ventriloquist dummy plays and plays and plays, without speaking. A typical game includes one dummy to entertain several children.

A ventriloquist dummy is used to entertain children with games. An example would include:

1) A doll on a swing on one side and a balloon on the top side.

2) The doll on the swing is put on the front and a balloon on the bottom.

3) The toy on the front has a fire on it.

4) The balloon has a balloon.

5) At the bottom of the balloon is an imaginary person standing next to it. He has a big nose. On the front side he has a knife. He has a long stick under his chin. The rest of the dummy is very similar to each other.

So you have a big dummy and you have 2 people on his body playing with a puppet with an imaginary hand on it’s arm.

You could move the dummy around and make it walk, stand up, and talk. You could make the dummy talk by playing with the dolls hair and the balloons. You could make the dummy stand to attention too.

When someone gets a hold of it, things could get weird. The child would be able to tell what was a dummy being played on him and what it was being used for.

Can’t I do that with a regular child?

Not at all.

How do my children do that?

Your children can do a lot more with a dummy than just playing with it. As long as there isn’t any blood, you could do anything with a ventriloquist dummy.

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