Are Ariana Grande and Matt Bennett dating?

She hasn’t even dated yet.
Michael Diamond Mr Fritz — Dan Baines

The couple recently filmed a video for a music video for the music video for Ariana’s single “Problem” in which the brunette singer sings while dressed in a revealing outfit.

Ariana did tease about another possible partner after the song. She told the paparazzi that she is “interested” in having a son with Matt.

“I would love to have a son with him,” Ariana told the photographers.

The singer-actor-singer continued, “I think it would be great to have a child, or if you want to just call it a kid, an adorable son.”

Matt, 47, and Ariana are seen in a long, white tuxedo in the video for “Problem,” which is also Ariana’s first music video. Check it out below!

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The first time I got a taste of ‘The Dark Knight’ in theaters after spending the last ten minutes watching trailers online… I started shaking just thinking about it… I couldn’t stop laughing. I mean, I wasn’t even aware that Nolan had come up with the idea (which, by the way, he didn’t even tell Nolan before the movie was made), and the way he executed it, and how the whole thing plays out with Batman’s mental state throughout it all… well, all of it was so damn entertaining. It was really all I needed in that first couple of hours.

I really thought that Nolan should have continued with that. As much as I loved the first film (as I said, it was actually, hands down, my favorite Batman film), I just didn’t think it would ever amount to anything more than a footnote to what I knew about Christopher Nolan, and his works. And if there was one thing I learned from ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ it is that you never know. And I’m not talking about the fact that people love it so much (that’s a true testament to how good it is!), I’m talking about the potential for something totally different. And I have so much hope in what Nolan has in store for us.

That is why, today in celebration of a year that had me feeling so strongly about Nolan’s work – and about how amazing it is – I decided to do a list of 100 movies I would consider his best ever