Who is the female ventriloquist?

Or is it an animal?”

If you watch TV shows like “Lost” or “Bones,” you know that some of the characters will be played by real people.

But for decades, many people believed that a lot of Hollywood’s most famous actors were actually real people with the ability to exist in the real world. This can result in conspiracy theories such as the “Vulko-Fisher-Frazier Menace” theory.

According to this theory, the four people mentioned above appear in the film “The X-Files” but are fake actors using makeup, props and accents.

Here are five actors who are often used as the “voices” in the movie.

The next game in the highly popular Dengeki Student Council-san RPG series, Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax, will officially launch in Japan on the 17th of September. There will be three different versions available, for Japanese, English, and Chinese.

The English version is compatible with PlayStation 4 and PC, and is priced at 9,999 yen (around $82). There will be two versions that offer different playable characters, and all three versions will have cross-system playability. It’ll be available both at retail and through the PlayStation Store (PS4) and the PlayStation Network (PS Vita), and is confirmed to have cross-platform DLC support.

For Japanese fans, the game is priced at 10,000 yen (around $87). There will be three versions available, all of which will include the same game, and will also include a download code for a special content card that comes with the game. Also available in the Japanese version is a pre-release discount for 3,000 yen (around $35). We’re sure it’ll be one of those extra-special “Dengeki” games this time around.

A release date for the Chinese version will be announced shortly after the initial release on the 17th.

(CNN) Sen. Bernie Sanders and former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley have been leading in head-to-head polls nationally as of mid March, but in New Hampshire, only a CNN/WMUR poll will tell the story.

In that one poll, Clinton is at 44% to Sanders’ 33%. Two other polls also showed less competition in the Granite State: A Washington Post/Journal of Public Interest poll in early June had Clinton at 44% to Sanders’ 38% and CNN/WMUR