Are DSLR cameras good for video? – Video Techniques For Shooting

Yes and no. They are good for video, but that is not the focus of these tests.

It is the nature of an electronic video camera to record in 3D which is extremely slow and requires a lot of memory. The DSLR is different because it is designed to produce video in fast, fluid and very stable time-slots, with very little motion blur. These factors mean the cameras can be used for an extended period of time without the need to store the footage.

When you combine those factors with the inherent advantage of having video without a memory card, you get very fast continuous shooting, with low jitter, low frame rates up to 10Mp. If you have a time-lapse, you have much more storage space for images, and you have also full control of the settings.

These cameras are very good at slow motion. In fact, we tested a lot of them with slow motion footage of very short scenes. For example, using a Sony C-4000 digital SLR with a 20 second timer, the camera performed extremely well. At 1,500x slower that can be seen with a camera with a memory card. It is like having a digital SLR with a 20 second timer. Even though the sensor doesn’t take up much area of film, it still has the ability to collect and transmit information on slow motion at a very good resolution. In our tests, this means that you can capture footage of a scene in 3D that is still quite vivid even at the slowest speeds. That’s good news.

The camera can easily handle the effects of extreme motion without a lot of memory or processing power. You can simply shoot long video clips with minimal memory or save them in RAW and then export it as an MP4 file.

Some cameras do have RAW data pre-processed and ready to send for processing that is not available on most modern DSLRs. Some cameras also have more robust processing, where we tested with many of these DSLRs.

Many of these cameras can capture video in 4K, but some of them still have to take very quick time-lapses as part of that format. Some have slow motion functionality. We did extensive testing with this equipment to discover what combination of these features and codecs were best for these cameras. In a nutshell, we found that while some cameras have very good shooting in most types of situations, some don’t perform as well in all scenarios. The best cameras all fit in this category or

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