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The world doesn’t seem to want you anymore.

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Since taking office, President Obama has done little but waste time promoting his failed foreign policies and continue to be out-of-touch with everyday Americans’ concerns.

Obama made his way into the White House after spending years as a member of the political establishment, but now he has nothing left.

The President has spent most of his presidential career as an anti-American ideologue whose entire career in public life has been dedicated to attacking the country he swore to protect and defend.

At least that is the case when it comes to Obama. He claims to believe in the freedom of the individual, but has taken to promoting and protecting policies that are designed to make the world a more oppressive place for everyone else.

But while the rest of us look on and see a dictator taking power, many Americans don’t realize this government has been in place for quite some time. Obama has been the face of American foreign policy for far too long, and with every passing year he appears more like a puppet and less like a leader.

Obama believes he is the leader Americans need right now, but the American people don’t have the stomach for another four years of his policies.

If President Obama continues on his current path, they may never feel the same way about the United states again.

Fashionably homeless — with a little help from a little cash in your pocket.

New York City’s new minimum wage law takes its cue from Japan at a time when Japan has taken a long view of the minimum wage, and Japan is looking at the U.S. to figure out what would work for them.

According to the New York Times, the new law, which took effect July 1 last year and is expected to last six months, will increase the minimum wage for most small businesses to $15 an hour over four years.

For a small business with fewer than 20 workers

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