How do I record music while playing YouTube?

First of all, a quick note on audio recording. Your computer needs an audio card that offers a dedicated recording program. You can purchase a card from your local audio store for as little as $10 and you can rent one from the Recording Studio at the same cost.

A video recorder is the most versatile recording device available for using YouTube video. They offer a wide-ranging recording range, and can record with everything from a simple iPhone 6 to professional-grade camcorders.

For simple audio recording we recommend the Logitech A700 for iOS or the V-Drum for Android. You’ll need to select a microphone, but it’s just a few steps to set it up. You may want a simple mic that plugs in or one that includes a built-in microphone jack. (See our video below for a step-by-step tutorial.) It’s also a good idea to buy a USB microphone pre-amp for your computer, as the built-in mic in most videos is only good for voice over.

We recommend the Logitech A700 and V-Drum microphones, which both come equipped with a built-in microphone, meaning your microphone can be removed from its case and inserted into any of the microphones on the device without replacing any components.

In addition to the recording features of the headphones, audio from your computer can be streamed over YouTube if you have a compatible device:

This guide assumes you’re on Windows 7, and you’re using a microphone that is compatible with microphone streaming on Windows. For more information on mic support on different operating systems, see our guide to capturing audio from your computer.

Note: You can stream audio to a PC without any external hardware. For instructions on stream audio to other devices that also support a microphone, see our guide to streaming audio from your phone.

DUBAI (Reuters) – The death toll in the Saudi-led air strike that killed more than 100 people near the border with Yemen on Tuesday has climbed to more than 260, Saudi’s Health Ministry said.

The strike, whose source was unclear, targeted the outskirts of the eastern Hodeidah area to the north of the port city of Mukalla, the ministry said on Wednesday. No group claimed responsibility for the attack.

At least 150 others were wounded or missing in the attack.

A statement posted by the pro-government National Coalition party said it was “deeply saddened” at the deaths, but gave no details