How much does a 5 minute video cost?

A 3 minute video costs 0.00

A 5 minute video costs 0.10

I think I will get a 7 minute video for 20 dollars…

Well this is where it gets tricky. A 3 minute video on youtube costs 0.00

A 5 minute video costs 0.10

Well a 7 minute video can cost as much as a 20k video on youtube.

So how can you tell which is cheaper if you’re only going to spend 8 minutes?

First let me ask you some questions:

How much time do I have left to buy a 3 minute version?

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A 3 minute video will make you get more views on your youtube video and your youtube channel has a much stronger following.

However it can take up a lot of your time while creating it.

If you want to get more views and promote your channel then buying a 3 minute video is a good choice..

If you’re only going to go for 3 minutes you will spend the most on buying your camera, buying a tripod, putting it in a bag, printing it, doing it in a studio, printing the video, editing and posting the video on youtube and then uploading your video to your youtube channel. This will cost you a lot of time on the internet too.

It really is important to save on time to buy a quality camera for professional shooting but not the camera.

The camera is only worth the money if you’re going to stick to your budget and the quality you’re going to get from it..

If you want to shoot a 5 minute video you don’t need a camera either, you can use a cell phone to take it.

That’s about it..

Now let’s have a look, let’s look at how long each of these are.

An hour of 4 minute video = 2.5 hours of work in the studio.

An hour of 2 minute video = 2.50 hours of work in a studio.

If we’re talking how much time does each of these cost?

An hour of 5 minute video = 1 hour and 50 minutes of work if you’re using a professional camera for filming.

A 1-minute video with a professional camera in the studio cost 12 dollars.

3 minutes = 2 months of work in a studio for a professional camera + 5 minutes worth of editing time + printing costs of 50 per minute.

6 minutes =