What are those lights called that YouTubers use? – Learn How To Shoot Video With Dslr

You mean that, the lights that give the effect that your camera is focused in on the guy on the floor next to you and the guy on the bar across the room is a distant figure.

I used to use those lights, too. Like in those videos of ‘The Last Song,’ like a lot of the videos that were uploaded to Youtube for the sake of being funny. I remember thinking those videos were funny because they were so silly with the lighting. The lighting was the main thing that had me so fired up, ’cause it was such a big deal with me, that I actually watched those videos before a show. You know, if I could see a crowd, I was really excited.

Like the sound of the crowd at Madison Square Garden.

Just like an audience. There are certain songs that I can really dig. The biggest are maybe Led Zeppelin, Metallica or AC/DC. Those songs have like a whole whole bunch of energy, and this is a song from Metallica called ‘One’. It is an awesome song. That one’s just huge, man.

As far as I can tell, the music video for One isn’t in the same league with other videos on youtube. In fact, ‘One’ is far more serious than anything you may be watching right now. Why?

I was always kind of into that genre of music, so I would watch the videos, and then I would go and do it. I would have the whole experience of going, “I have to do this,” but it would be such an insane experience, I think. I’m a sucker, you know?

When we did ‘Ride Back,’ I was like, “I gotta stop watching that and do it for real. It’s gonna be hard.” And you know what, it’s really easy. They just do the same thing.

You can have that whole experience with the video. You have the song, the lighting, the music. I just don’t know if anybody else has really done it, as far as the crowd kind of being the center, and I just don’t know, and I just thought I knew.

What does a typical day like look like? What are your daily habits?

I’m not even really getting up yet. I was just a little bit tired. I got my kids together for school and got to bed, just to be done with the night, that’s all.

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