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There’s the simple, standard camera, some like for sports footage or for the most recent Disney blockbuster. Then we have the ones we just can’t get enough of, things like GoPro. The popular choice is the Hero 4s camera. It’s got a big 6 mega-pixel sensor, 4K video recording, and a super tiny 13-megapixel sensor. It’s got an insanely fast processor and an all-digital IQ (integrated chip) that allows for incredible light sensitivity and low-light shooting. But, most importantly, it has the ability to take video at 60 fps.

What do I need to bring to an event?
The Degree Rules of Videography : NYIP Photo Artilce

First, you need equipment to capture the event and get it there. I can’t think of any other thing I’d rather be able to use. The main thing I need is a GoPro Hero 4 Session with one of the mounts. I’ll explain how to mount a GoPro to a GoPro Session in the next section. This will allow my camera to record both still images and video.

Next, you need an SD card, which I can recommend a microSD card. The one I’ve got is a Class 10 SDHC/SDXC, which is the fastest Class 10 card I’ve come across. It is 4GB so it is fast enough for most of my needs, although I’m going to be shooting a lot of 3GP.

Next, you need a battery, and that’s where GoPro shines. I found myself using one of the larger 4,000mAh batteries in a GoPro Session for extended shooting sessions at high speeds. I’m not a big fan of the idea of the battery dying, although that would be the next best thing to having to plug it in each time the session is activated. You can also use the included spare battery for a small charge if you have the extra space.

What about those cameras used to shoot professional videos? Why not just buy one of those?

I do not use those kind of cameras. The reason I use them for video is that I get to keep using the gear the whole time I’m capturing the event. There are some cameras that are great, but not all of them. Some are great for high-speed camera work, and can’t be used for capturing stills. You can get some great deals on them from some retailers, but most of us will be using the microSD cards that come with them. The cameras used to shoot pros’ videos will likely be much better

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