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Should I use my flash?

Don’t rush to shoot a music video! There are so many factors that may make the shoot fail… and many other reasons to consider a Flash Kit.

To make your music video shoot more successful, we strongly recommend using flash (even in a scene with less than 12 flash flashes) to light your backdrop. This allows the audience to see the performers as they move into and move through the video, so there are no gaps in the music, and no one person is completely exposed.

If you choose to use Flash, it’s important to understand the best way to use them. It’s important to know about how long the flash will be off, and when to use it.

The best way to use flash at any time is when the light is very low and where most of the audience is in the crowd.

The best moment for using Flash with music video music is in the middle of an action shot, so there is little chance of a crowd getting close enough to see the performers properly as they move between instruments.

This is also very important as most of the audience will be wearing sunglasses, especially during a heavy crowd noise.

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If you need to light your light quickly, or need to quickly adjust it to match the right angle, you can use a flash box with a timer, to quickly change the lighting for more consistent lighting.

Another great thing about flash is that it offers you the option to play back the music. The music will be automatically reversed in your setup, so that you can have the correct timing for every individual part of the music performance. This means you can still play back a different part of the song on the DVD if the timing isn’t perfect.

What music should be played during the video?

Whether music is played during your music video is another matter altogether. We’ve all experienced the “canned music problem” where we didn’t get a sound record of the music you wanted to play on the soundboard because it was only the start.

Music should be played when the action is happening.

The music should be clear, and should be able to be repeated if necessary. Your music should never have a static, static background.

What is the ideal level of lighting for a music video?

Lighting the stage, lighting up the lights on the performers

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