What is the difference between a video camera and a camcorder? – How To Hold A Camera Steady Without A Tripod

In a previous post, I went over each feature of a Video Editor in detail. In this post, I shall take a brief look at what each feature means to the videographer.

A camera usually has a single lens set in a camera body, and the video comes out of that lens as a separate image. In many cases, you can’t even hear what is being shot due to the noise of the recorded material in the same way as you can when shooting audio by hand.

A camcorder is usually made up of two parts, the recorder and the video source. It has an LCD monitor on the end, and two cameras, one pointing towards you as the video source, and a recording device at the other end. When viewed from front to back, the two cameras are essentially a single unit with a single lens, as you can see below:

The source camera may move (look around) with the recorder, or look at something in the distance with the recorder. In some cases, both cameras are the same type of camera and can both record from the same source. Here is an example of what one kind of camera will look like, from the back:

Another variation of two cameras are those which have two different camera lenses pointing at you to capture the scene:

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A camcorder is generally built around a single lens, and the recording device is an extension of that lens. Cameras are typically built to take several pictures in a row, with or without the source moving. They should be able to record straight from the source body (without having to view from front-to-back if you have not set up a separate monitor), and at maximum resolution and quality.

A video camera usually takes several images, and a separate recording device can be mounted on the other end of the video. If more than two cameras are used and if each of the cameras is separately aimed, the recording device has to be moved from one end of the camera to the other to take proper shots.

Both the recorder and the camera is essentially taking the same set of pictures, and one of them is taking two different images of the same scene in succession. Video is commonly shot this way — with two cameras on a single tripod taking two sets of pictures. Video usually takes a lot less time to make than audio recordings, although audio recordings are slower if your source camera has poor optics for capturing the scene in full.

One of the major differences between the two is that

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