What is the hourly rate for a videographer? – Filmmaking Udemy

It varies per location.

What if we have a big project with one person?

We might need a smaller crew for certain

We can be flexible on schedule, but we don’t need to be always on location.

Do we have to have a trailer?


We do have to have a sound system, but there are many great options to choose from.

For the sound, we have a lot of local and national artists who can help us out when needed.

When is the shoot taking place?

We usually have our shoots the last week of May for our New Year’s Eve bash.

Our last shoot took place in January.

Will I have to pay for my own food?

We do get compensated for their time and services but not for meals.

How does the studio work?

The staff is all very friendly and professional. We have a great social scene in our neighborhood and are always willing to help other photographers out.

Can I go and join a crew in LA?

Our clients can take their camera into any studio. We try and keep locations local, but we are happy to have them come around.

Can I use lights and sound?

Yes! We’re here for you!

So if I had an idea for a shoot and just happened to know that everyone I asked said yes, how do I proceed?

There is no set way to complete a shoot. Each shoot should be built on some level of risk. Do you know who you are shooting with or how you’re going to use what you have? Are there a number of locations that you have to consider? How you’re going to record your images before the end of the day?

A lot happens in the days leading up to the photo shoot and you have to be vigilant and ready for all of it.

Let’s say you’ve thought about starting a brand new project. Are you at it? No? You have other, great ideas? What if your new idea just doesn’t pan out? What about a shoot that you’ve been meaning to shoot for 3 years? There’s no rush!

If you know a great location that you think is the perfect place to shoot, then just drop us a line and we’ll see what we can do!

Here are few of our favorite shoot locations:

The “Old School” area at

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