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That’s a hard question. When you come up with music videos, music videos have to be some of the happiest moments in your life.

So for me, the saddest music video is just a lot of things. I don’t mean sadness, or sadness that is actually sad; or sadness that doesn’t affect and the sadness that is good. I think it’s just the sadness of the music. Sometimes, there’s nothing better to write about in music than that feeling of loss of something, but with music, I like it in its own way. I like it on its own. If you ask me what has saddest music, it’s the music-video music videos because they’re the most obvious to me.

But maybe you’re wrong.

I have to stop you right there.

(Criminal Justice) – The criminal justice system has an important role to play in building good relationships between police and the communities they serve – and that role can be undermined by systemic racial disparities in how the system treats minority youth, a new report says.

“Achieving justice for all – including victims and witnesses – in a racially diverse criminal justice system is a matter of ensuring the most diverse and diverse community is served by policing in each jurisdiction,” report authors Sarah B. Fuchs-Brock, Associate Professor of Political Science and Criminology, and Jessica D. L. Mares, Professor of Political Psychology and Women’s Studies, say in the report. “[C]rime justice can help bring about the conditions and values that encourage people to cooperate with the police.”
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The authors say the criminal justice system in the U.S. has a “severe institutionalization gap” as black people are more likely to fail to have criminal convictions, and minority people suffer longer term repercussions from their criminal histories. Additionally, minorities in the U.S. report more violence and less victimization than whites.

The authors call for more diversity in recruitment and training of police officers, as well as reforms in how the justice process is conducted. They emphasize that the criminal justice system should encourage accountability in its decision-making, and that racial disparities have an important role to play in reducing them.

The report is the result of a five-year study titled “Racial Disparity in Arrest Arrest Rates for Young Adults: A Nationwide Study in the United States, 1981-2011.” It was commissioned by the National Academy of Sciences and the American Institutes of Research for its 2016 Cent

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