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This is a difficult question. My first job out of college was to build the Soundwave. I’m all about soundtracks – that’s why we have the “Gravity’s Rainbow” video. For me, it was so exciting for me that the first one was the final track on Gravity’s Rainbow with the score that was inspired by David Bowie. David Bowie’s music is great, but when I first heard the music it completely turned me off, and my parents said “No, you can’t have that.” It’s like that moment, when you’re in love and the first love is just so hard – the music was a big reason where I was, so, “No, you can’t have that.”

Now that I’m a musician myself, I find all those types of music videos – all of them, from my favorite artists all the way up to indie – that really don’t stand any measure of comparison from what I imagine a good music video to be. So, maybe just my own personal favorite is [director] Matthew McConaughey’s. It was just about the whole atmosphere and the atmosphere of the movie. Just watching some of the music videos on YouTube today and seeing all of these amazing stuff, it’s so hard to put a finger on what is the perfect music video and which is the least perfect.

What’s the greatest music video about the year?

It starts with the video for A$AP Rocky’s “Versace” video. He’s such a superstar, but I don’t think his most successful has even come out so far – like in the years before he made the music video for “Versace”. It’s his “Versace” video – it’s really interesting.

As soon as he was famous – like a year ago, he was like “I need to make a music video”. So he’s doing that, and it’s incredible. And then the third, the music video for [producer] Mike WiLL Made-It – I’ve never seen that music video – but it’s brilliant. It’s an incredible, amazing video. I don’t know how anyone would turn down that. I don’t know how anyone is even going to watch that video, I don’t know how anyone can find it and not want to share it.

What do you think the best music video of all time is?

I don’t know, man… It’s so hard to answer but I love that there were so many

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