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Like in most other Japanese violins, Yamaha’s two-voice violins offer both solid and punchy sound. Yamaha’s two-voice violins are typically tuned to 1.5 octaves lower than the non-two-voice models, which results in lower octaves on average. This means that the bass and high strings of the two-voice models can be heard to have more weight and resonance than the lower-range models. With these two-voice violins, the bass and high strings, as well as the bass and double-bass strings are more or less open, depending on the volume controls. The treble strings are tuned to 1.5 to 2 octaves lower than the two-voice models. Depending on the instruments you play, the two-voice models also need different tuning. The two-voice models must be tuned in tune to at least a 1.1 octave higher than the non-two-voice models. The only exception to this is the RCA YS100B which has a 1 octave difference between the two-voice models.


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Yamaha’s two-voice and four-voice instruments have the same instruments for each of these ranges. Two-voice models include the S400B and S400BX. Four-voice models include the S600B and S600C, and the D4T. Yamaha’s two-voice models usually have thicker strings and higher notes that make them better for percussion, but they aren’t great for vocal work. Yamaha four-voice models tend to play closer to the top of the mix, but at a low volume, which isn’t ideal for some vocalists. Yamaha two-voice and four-voice models can be tuned to higher strings to accommodate a higher-pitched part if required, usually to make them sound more distinct and a bit better for bass and high notes.

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Yamaha’s two-voice violins are similar to their non-two-voice counterparts in that they are made with high-pitched, thin-stringed instruments. There’s usually a higher ratio of thin-stringed pianos to thick-stringed violins because of increased weight. The thin-string violins are tuned differently than violin-and-drum violins, and these instruments also tend to tend to have lower pitch than thicker-string violins.


Yamaha’s non-two-voice viol

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