Can you learn violin at any age? – Beginner Violin Notes Finger Chart

Young and old – most great and great violinists are between 25 and 35 years old

If you think you’re an amateur violinist, what’s the best way to develop new skills?

Practice every day. Even one day every few weeks is fine. If at the beginning you do not learn well, you may need to practice more after that.

How do you practice? What kind of practice methods do you use?

My favorite way to practice is sitting with a violin in front of me, practicing with breath, not with fingers. This helps me find the best posture and holds the violin well.

There are a lot of different ways to practice but I suggest that for any amateur violinist, they should practice with just one finger at a time, for about five-10 minutes, a few times a day, on a comfortable surface. If you have a violin that is tuned to 1 or 5, try practicing different octaves.

You are an amateur violinist, what do you learn by studying music?

Many things:

the technique of stringing a violin, stringing a concerto, stringing a violin solo, stringing a solo, stringing a piece in two or three movements, stringing a performance, etc.

I am interested in music not only for the sake of learning a skill, but also for its own sake:

Music inspires me because it creates an emotional reaction that other people can understand

Music creates joy that I can feel and express in every moment

The ability to learn from music that others have composed and performed is a special gift.

So, how is it that I can hear different types of music and at the same time I can string them all?

The ability to sense how music sounds, while stringing it in the same way, is a unique musical skill. I can imagine many different types of instruments that produce the same pitch. In music theory, this is called “compound intervals”.

I can imagine that a violin bow in the right kind of place is in the same octave when the string is in the wrong place. Likewise, a string that is the right kind of length (i.e., 2-3 cm) is the same if it bends at the wrong time. So, to make a string that plays a very long tone, like my bow, I string it in the right way.

There are two kinds of “compound

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